”There’s not gonna be one new solution”

Robyn om musiken och branschen och framtiden.

You don’t need them [the record companies] anymore to find your listeners. […] It’s going to stay diverse and undefined… maybe forever. What’s going on is good for music, because people are forced to figure out things for themselves, that’s what I did. […] Imagine when people in Asia and Africa gets to have access to the technology we have access to. The whole cultural system is going to change, and we’re gonna have totally new references. I’m excited about that.

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Publicerat av Fredrik Wass

På Bisonblog skriver jag om hur internet förändrar samhället, medielandskapet, politiken och människorna. Jag berör också kommersiella aspekter som till exempel startups, marknadsföring och kommunikation i sociala medier.

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