Umair Haque skriver på bloggen Bubble generation – Strategies for a discontinuous future om bristen på modemedvetande och stil hos amerikaner och hur det gör landet sårbart när den handelsvara som västvärlden kommer att konkurrera mest framgångsrikt med i framtiden är kreativitet.

"Fashion, of course is the opposite of productive, in the myopic sense. That it helps us sustain and nurture social and cultural capital doesn’t count in the States, because these forms of capital aren’t factored into the dominant logic of the economy. Rather, being stylish signals that you don’t believe in this ethic of productivity – that you’re willing to be frivolous enough to invest in things that aren’t productive. And that’s deeply out of sync with the essence of being American – though there flashes of fashion brilliance in the 30s, 50s, and 70s. Being stylish isn’t in demand because it signals anti-productivity, if you like." Läs hela inlägget.

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