Arla vädjar om slut på bojkott – läs den översatta annonstexten

Genom helsidesannonser i 25 arabiska tidningar vädjar Arla Foods till läsarna att inte bojkotta företagets produkter. En bojkott som är konsekvensen av Muhammed-karikatyrerna som publicerades i danska JyllandsPosten tidigare i år.

“We hope that the advertisement will get Arab consumers to consider whether it is fair to boycott a dairy company that has had nothing to do with these caricatures,” säger Executive Director Finn Hansen, Arla Foods."
Från Arla Foods hemsida

Annonsen består av en text från Arla med rubriken "Arla Foods has distanced itself from cartoons".
Här följer en översättning av Arla Foods annonstext:

"Arla Foods believes that it is our duty to convey our opinion about the unfortunate events of recent months. We will also set out our position for the conference for International Support for the Prophet in Bahrain from March 22-23, 2006, to clarify where we stand. Arla Foods has distanced itself from the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten’s actions in publishing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. We do not agree with the newspaper’s reasons for publication.

On the backdrop of our 40 year history in the Middle East and as an active and integral part of society here, we understand why…

you feel insulted. Our presence in the region has given us an insight into your culture and values and about Islam. This understanding has, over many years, enabled us to supply high quality products which meet your preferences. Through your confidence in our products, we have succeeded in building up brands such as Lurpak, Puck, The Three Cows and Dano. Therefore, we understand and respect your reactions that have led to a boycott of our products following the Danish newspaper’s irresponsible and unfortunate action.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give you some important information about our company. Arla is a Danish-Swedish co-operative which is owned by farmers. Our business in the Middle East has attracted investors and business partners from across the Arab world. Arla employs around 1,000 Muslims in the Arab and Islamic world as well as more than 250 Muslims in Europe. They have all felt insulted by these cartoons. However, Arla’s business in the Middle East has been affected not by its own actions, but because of the actions of others.

Esteemed citizens, the years that we have spent in your world have taught us that justice and tolerance are fundamental values in Islam. We wish to co-operate with Islamic organisations to find a solution to the boycott of Arla’s products. We would simply ask you to reflect on this in the hope that you will reconsider your attitude to our company.

Now you know more about who we are, about our attitudes and beliefs. We leave the rest to you.

Arla Foods"

Update: Arla får det kanske inte direkt lättare av att FN använder en legobit för att illustrera (dansk) rasism i en antirasism-annons. Hos Media Culpa

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